12 November 2012

Indian Literature Festivals

India has always been a culture rich country. Come October the series of religious festivals brighten up the spirits, celebrate traditions and bring families and friends together. Over past 5 years, this same period has become a time for getting together of literary fans across the country. The various editions of festivals are a treat for the book lovers covering a wide spectrum of literature, languages, genres, forms, books, comics, authors, artists, publishers, book launches, debates, forums and discussions.
Here is a chronological order of all the Literary events across India. Do let me know if you know of any literature festivals (not book fairs only) that I may have missed.
1. Kochi International Book Festival (1-10 December 2012):More than sale of books, the book fest ideally serves as a platform for interaction between readers and authors. Programs featuring fine arts and folklore endemic to our culture, book reading sessions, open forums chaired by authors and literary figures, new releases or launch of editions are some of the attractions during the evenings.
2. Times Literary Carnival, Mumbai (7-9 December 2012) The first edition of this festival in December 2011was a runaway success, with over 9,000 visitors. This year again it offers numerous penal discussion, book launches, workshops, hang-out zones and other activities, including segments for children and young adults on the city based theme - 'The City, Greed & the Pursuit of Happiness'.
3. Bangalore Literature Festival(7-9 December 2012):Bangalore Literature Festival seeks to transform the city into a literary hub with discussions, debates, book launches and a school outreach program.
4. Goa Arts and Literary Festival (13 - 17 December 2012): An impressive list of authors and an art lover’s heaven. Goa festival has it all – from authors, artists and publishers.  
5. Kolkata Literary Festival (9-13 January 2013): The city’s annual literary festival. Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival unveils the city's complex layered-ness, its vibrancy of thought, its engagement with the literary world at large. Celebrate books, music, art, film and more with the finest creative minds in the nation as events unfold at the Oxford Book Store.
6. Hyderabad Literary Festival (18-20 January 2013):An annual event that celebrates creativity in all its forms. The Festival, started in2010, draws over a hundred writers, artistes, scholars, publishers from India and abroad each year. HLF is a multi-lingual event with a strong focus on writing in the Indian languages
7. Jaipur Literature Festival (24-28 January 2013):Indeed the most popular and important literary event in India. It gets a lot of domestic and international literature and media attention and of course Indian English Fiction is the toast of the event. Entering its sixth year, this fest is now regarded as the Kumbh Mela of Indian and international writing, drawing in writers and readers from across India and the wider world.
8. Comicon (8-10 February 2013): Comic Con India is a start-up dedicated to the preservation and promotion of comics and the graphic art medium. As well as supporting artists, illustrators and writers in the medium. It has held Comic Festivals across India in cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.
9. The Spring Fever Festival, New Delhi (Last held March 2012): Third edition of the event organized by Penguin Books India had an open air library, special literary evenings featuring key authors, new books, previews of forthcoming attractions and musical performances.
10. Thirunalloor Kavyolsavam, Kerela (1 May 2013): A three-day long cultural festival is held every year from May 1 (International Workers' Day) to perpetuate the memory of renowned poet and scholarThirunalloor Karunakaran
11. Kovalam Festival, (Last held on October 3 (New Delhi) 6-7 October 2012 (Trivandrum)): The fifth Kovalam Literary Festival 2012 held Conferences and Seminars by leading authors and personalities.
12. Odisha Literary Festival (Last held 5-6 October 2012): The two-day event, first of its kind in the State saw convergence of top writers, poets, film-makers, politicians and spiritual leaders to involve and engage themselves in furtherance and enrichment of literature in the country as well as the State.
13. Mumbai LitFest (Last held 31 October–4 November 2012):Tata Literature Live!'s first Mumbai LitFest was launched in November 2010 and it was clear from the level of audience participation and the widely expressed wish for more such events, that Tata Literature Live! was answering a long felt need.
14. Mussoorie Writers Festival (Last held 1-4 November 2012): Mussoorie Writers founded in 2005, with the objective of celebrating Mussoorie’s literary heritage and encouraging an interest in books and authors. As an outreach affiliate of Woodstock School, Mussoorie Writers organizes literary festivals and other programs, including artists-in-residence. In collaboration with the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor and Environmental Study at Woodstock School, Mussoorie Writers is committed to focusing attention on the Himalaya, as a source of inspiration and inquiry, for authors from India and abroad.
15. Bookaroo, Delhi (Last held 24-25 November 2012): India’ s first children’s literature festival where children and parents can meet and chat with their favorite authors, take part in workshops, listen to enthralling stories from all over the world.
16. Hay Festival, Kerela (Last held 17-19 November 2011): The three-day programme of events includes authors and speakers from India and across the world. The festival is held at the Kanakakunnu Palace, the summer retreat of the erstwhile royal family of Travancore. The Palace, with its stunning chandeliers, impressive collection of royal furniture and architectural marvels reminiscent of its colonial heritage, provides a perfect setting for the event.
So guys mark your calendars and pick your cities for these happening LitFests.
See you there!!
<<Image Credit:Kolkata literary festival>>


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