09 November 2012

50 shades of Grey

Lite-rature verses Lust-rature
didn't like it it was ok liked it (my current rating) really liked it it was amazing
A lot of time you hear so much about the popularity of the book, that you have to pick it and figure out what’s the noise all about. And most of the time the noise is nothing.. but the ‘CLICK’.
Yes Sir – the most popular term ‘CLICK’ is used in reference to the events or happenings which have no clear explanations. In the context of living things it’s called ‘LUCK. The people who like it become fans creating supporters and popularising further. The dis-likers or critics try to rationalise (or is it just another opinion) questioning the frenzy - but only adding to the madness. The propagator adds to the frenzy through further releases and adaptations, to leverage the success of the first one. But the CLICK phenomenon is nothing but an element of the CHAOS theory. If you can’t convince them confuse them. Both the likers and dis-likers are convinced of their confusions and the sales and the frenzy continues like we see with Kolaveri Di or Gangnum style dance.

So now you ask where do I stand –a liker or dis-liker. So following the path of Anastasia (the protagonist of the book) allow me to explain the dilemma of the quintessential inner self with the age old war of subconscious and the inner goddess

Mind verses heart
Love verses lust
Love is enough.. but is it
Do what you feel or do what you desire..
Be fair but then how to be what you are..
I want it.. and I will get it..
Just Love me.. but on my terms..

But who decides – what is Good or bad… what is right or wrong.. what is likeable or dislikeable.. what is beauty or the beast.. what is acceptable or unacceptable.. what is moral or immoral.. what is simple or complicated.. what is definition of love or hate..

"Subconscious says, "The story and plot are ordinary, the characters are shallow, protagonists are overhyped, the flow is dragging and descriptions are boring.”

I stay quiet. On finding no response, it glares at me "Don’t tell me you are thinking of reading the other parts!!"

My inner goddess rolls it eyes, shrugs her shoulders and says “I kind of have to.. you know.. I have to” ;-))


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