29 October 2012

Three Women and Tagore

Simple Women 
didn't like it it was ok liked it (my current rating) really liked it it was amazing

This term does not exist. Women are complicated creatures, and no one tells it better than Rabindranath Tagore who reads their psyche and bares their souls to you. Three Women is a collection of three stories and multiple complicated women. Tagore twines a complex story of relationships between men and women which get tested through ordeals of life, wealth and health. A lonely wife who seeks attention but falls in love.. an over caring wife whose husband falls for the playful sister and a dying woman who refuses to share her husband with another woman. Amongst all these stories man has been shown as a mute spectator who fails to understand what his woman wants leaving the relationships in a mess.

Women are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and daughters. But in reality there are only two types of women – mothers or lovers. They are loving and caring, but also possessive and demanding. They are vast like an ocean but also flowing like a river. They can be the strength and support but also the temptation and desire. The stories carry multiple shades of women, of their love and loneliness, hopes and desires, mothering and playfulness, charm and purity, jealousy and sacrifices. I wish I could refer one shades or emotion to each woman but there were so many shades and layers to each of them.. that you can only wonder and agree..
No one can fathom a woman.. and I say that being one myself...

These stories were written in early 1900s but they stand as true to the current reality in a world of nuclear families and no children. With no pressures of joint families or responsibility of kids to bind them, the husband and wife are the only ones to understand and love each other but still they falter and fail, wondering and wantingsomething else and something more..
<<Image credit:  from wikipaintings.org>>


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