29 October 2012

Saraswati Park

A Middle Class Book
didn't like it it was ok liked it (my current rating) really liked it it was amazing

Ever wondered the role of Middle class in fiction. Who wants to read about an ordinary person with ordinary life. Everyone wants to read about the rich who have scandales or insufficiences in so seemingly perfect life or the poor who have challenges and struggles in their daily life. Middle class and here I quote ‘Arvind Adiga’ from ‘Last Man in Tower’.
The Building was like the people living in it.. middle class to its core.. Improvement or Failure – incapable of either extremity..
So middle class prefers to live an eventless and monotonous life. Trying to evade any excitement and sail their boat smoothly despite the rough waters, even preferring to staying in the shore. We call it the TYPICAL MIDDLE CLASS MENTALITY. But like all classes the fragility of realtionships and life is core to middle class. The realtions and connections are very clear and simple but there is an underlying storm and unsaid things. If these skeltons in closet are let out, they make for a very interesting and emotional read. Saraswati Park is a book that's brewing around this storm which actually never comes. It touches upon the vulnerability of a husband wife relationship of decades, obvious burden of family sacrifices and emerging of supressed desires and dreams. But this was the first time I found an author who deals graciously with the sensitivity of gay relationships. He does not show it as a taboo or shameful act, but puts the feelings of two people in a relationship.

Another aspect which I liked in this book was the love of second hand books of the protagonist. He is a reader and collector of unique second hand books especially with scribblings on their edges. As a book lover myself it connects with me and my own desires to collect such books. It gives a sort of emotional attachment to the book and the previous reader.

You not only get a story in the book, but a story of the book too.

Wish to Buy Saraswati Park


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