06 July 2012

Aftertaste and Bournvita Burfi

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Sometimes a book gives you a very unique experience and this book stands a testimonial to that. I can never forget this book for the most weird reason of course – a huge craving for sweet and not any sweet but Bournvita Burfi. A generation which has grown up on regular dose of morning-evening glass of milk can never thank the availability of Bournvita which made the routine into a much enjoyed activity.

Even now on the days I am feeling low or under weather and my mother is no longer there to run behind me with a glass of milk. I fill up a spoon of Bournvita in hot milk, cupping the hot mug with my both hands, sipping it slowly as the warmth heals me and creates the childhood memories of milk gulping competitions with brothers, eating spoonful’s of plain Bournvita powder, leaving the jar open and Ma finding out the theft when the Bournvita goes dry, draining the plain milk in kitchen or the potted plants when Ma is not watching, crinkling nose on seeing the ‘Malai’ (cream) settle on top of the glass and Ma reheating the milk a million times.

So when this book talked about Bournvita Burfi all I could think of was how to get a hold of it. I searched online to track a place where they serve it, they were far so I called them to home deliver, they took only bulk orders to make it as they did not make it on regular basis so I could not even visit them for a taste. Then I frantically searched for its recipe even though knowing that I will never be able to make it. But finally I did eat it when my husband gave me a big surprise by making it for me. Isn’t that awesome.

So now that I have summarised my story and the reason for my soft corner for this book. I can proceed to talk about the book. A typical Punjabi Business family based in Bombay – add to it the ruling matriarch, joint families, family wealth, sibling feuds, arrange marriages, sweet shop, high cholesterol, Diwali parties, gambling and black market deals – and you have ‘Aftertaste’. Namita Devidayal comes across as an author who does her a well-researched and well written job. Her language is clear and lucid, the characters are simple and as human as possible, her stories are real and original. The editing is wonderful with no dragging or loosing direction in the story. She gives you an honest narration to the story making all twists seamless rather than author driven but as it happened. There is no moral or deep philosophy in the story – it’s just a simple story of any ordinary family – in fact it could be yours. People are not victims of circumstances or society – they are victims of their own desires for power, wealth, status, and love. Namita is indeed a great discovery as an author and is a regular on my watch out list as I eagerly await her next book.

But before I sign off - I leave you the recipe of Bournvita Burfi here at Chitra Amma's Kitchen. Hope you guys try it!

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