04 June 2012


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What happens when 10 women get together in a room – Embroideries.

Whoever has grown up in joint family amongst grandmothers, sisters, mothers, cousins and aunts – will know how it is when all of them get together under one roof. The conversations and gossips, the experiences and tips, the bitching and men bashing, mother in laws and weddings, bedroom secrets and child births... the list is long but whole lots of fun. There is not much difference between Persian and Indian society when it comes to bringing up their women in a conservative society and high doses of culture and morals. But what happens behind closed doors is another story.

Women who have never kept their heads naked or left their houses without burqas suddenly become rash and unashamed to talk about men and their escapades with them. Their sexual experiences and life histories are explicit and colourful, their tips and advises are rash and adventurous. If you are the young listener to such an audience you are only left wondering as to the conflict of conversations to the behaviour but not without a sense of pride on this bold display of feminism.
I loved it and the simple drawings by Marjane Satrapi just add to the beauty of the story. The caricatures of her characters are so real and true to the story.. that you can actually see them narrating their tales and sharing their laughter. The pictorial novel feeds our inner child and its love for comics. No matter how old you are – you will always enjoy your stories in pictures. The pictures are black and white but the characters are so colorful. The story is sad but there is so much joy and laughter in the narration....
I took ½ a Star only because the story was too short and I wanted more.. Marjane waiting for more from you, your pen and your drawing pencil...


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