30 December 2011

Gulzar Sahib on Is lyricism dead?

Times Literary Festival.. as I have already told you.. brought an opportunity to meet your literary idols. Amongst all there was only one I wanted to meet.. the Guru of lyrics.. Gulzar.. The subject of discussion was 'Is lyricism Dead' also attended by Swanand Kirkire and Madan Gopal Singh.
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From L to R - Gulzar, Madan Gopal, Mahmood
Farooqui (moderator) and Swanand
Gulzar said that saying lyricism is dead is similar to when people said that computer will kill reading of books. I don't see it dead, I see it change... things change with life.. 'alfaaz' (words) change with life, so lyrics will also change, songs will also change. Say if you are living on 20th floor of a building.. can you sing 'Tu Tulsi Mere Aangan Ki' now where is the Aangan (porch or veranda) in today's times in a city like Mumbai. He explained 'Shabdon ke mayne badal gaye hain'.. where he quoted a few youngsters who came and asked him on why did he use 'Loo' in the line 'Tera aana bhi Garmiyon ki loo hai' (Kajrare). He explained the difference in old and today's films is that old films were simple, characters were simple, stories were simple.. but now films are complex, characters are complex, and music is also complex... hence song and lyrics have to change along with this.. as per the situation and the requirements of the scene.
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A legend
Swanand - lyricist, singer and dialogue writer said he learnt poetry by reading the great lyricists Sahir, Majrooh and Gulzar Sahib. He talked about how medium also determines the type of song.. like now song is a 'Dekhne ki cheez' a visual treat and of course depends on the type of movie.
Madan Gopal Singh is a singer and lyricist of sufi genre. He quoted Gulzar's song 'Mora Gaura Rang lei le'. This was a revolution as in Sufi & Bhakti movement women generally say 'Rang de' but in this song a woman was giving her color.

Swanand sang his all time classic song 'Bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna' beautifully and Madan Singh sang a Sufi song. But the highlight of the evening was Gulzar Sahib's poetry... a take on how we spend more time on computers than reading books.. but can it ever replace books... 
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For keepsake...
"Kitabein jhankti hain
bandh almari ke sheeshon se
badi hasrat se takti hain
mahinon ab mulakatein nahin hoti
jo shamein unki soubat main kata karti thee
ab aksar guzar jati hain computer ke pardon par
Badi bechain rehti hain kitabein
unhe ab neend main chalne ki aadat ho gayi hai
jo kadrein woh sunati thee
ke jinke sar kabhi marte nahin the
jo rishte woh sunati thi
woh saare udhadhe udhadhe hain
koi safa palat ta hoon to ek siski nikalti hai
kai lafzon ke maane gir pade hain
bina paton ke sookhe tund lagte hain wo sab alfaz, jin par ab koi maane nahin ugte
zabaan par zayka aata tha jo safa palatne ka
ab ungli click karne se


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