20 October 2011

Commonwealth Writers Competition!!

Today I thought of sharing an opportunity with you. To apply for Commonwealth Writer's Competition. It is for all those budding writers to send their short stories or books and get measured up with some of the best across globe.

The name itself highlights the prestige associated with this prize so I would urge all of those with any talent and aspiration to share their work with the world. Especially all those closet writers - come out and earn your limelight.

You have to give yourself one chance and if you don't succeed its ok, atleast you tried. There will be more opportunities but you have to atleast try...

Along with the accolades there is also a prize to motivate you... Unlike a lot of other forums where there is an application fees this is totally free.

So go ahead friends what are you waiting for. Here you will get all the details on the qualifying criterion, timelines for submission and prizes. The judges for the event are also some of the known and respectable names in the literary world so you bet this is a forum you can trust.

What say!! Are you game for it!!

Photo: Copyright of 'Commonwealth Writers'


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