11 July 2011

You are Here!!

Read 23 June 2011

I read a few lines from this book over 3 years ago while surfing in a book shop. Though I put off reading it until now but the book appealed to me then because I was a single working woman going thru love issues, career pressures and living with room mates. And that is precisely the theme of this book and to put in simple and straight words - its a CHICK BOOK.

Same old vulnerabilities, failed love affairs and more rebound failed love affairs, wrong guys and 'not right for you' guys, roomie bonding and late night conversations, evolving friendships, old crushes and new butterflies in stomach, parental problems, bossy bosses and sagging careers, everyone getting hooked up and getting married but you, and wishing you were a teenager again.

So what is different or new in this book. Firstly the story was not of a hi fi model, anorexic, fashion bug or shopaholic, but a thinking woman who knew what she was doing than some one always on a look out for her. She did not pretend to be a saint like virgin waiting for the perfect guy but a smoking, drinking, flirting, sleeping around modern gal with multiple affairs from puberty till date.

Secondly its a very well written book – it has a balance of simple English along with good content. The thoughts, introspection and ideas and are clear, fresh and deep along with a slight dash of humour which makes you think she is reading your mind. Its like you also have gone thru the same feelings but could never articulate the way this woman did. Here are some of the lines which I totally relate to...

“Word clots are worse than blood clots – because blood clots more or less kill you as soon as they reach a vital area in your body, but word clots just stay, occasionally giving you heartburn with all the things you could have said but didn’t.”

“We’re so obsessed with keeping all the people in our personal ‘dramedy’ shows where we want them to be that it never occurs to us that we might be playing a rather important cameo in someone else’s life.”
“Guilt is such a strange, non-emotion kind of emotion. It makes you obsess, over and over again, in a loop, and even though you’re feeling terrible about what you did to make someone else, in the end it’s still about what you did which makes it very narcissistic somehow.”

Finally what I like about the book is the analogy of Title. A lot of time we ask ourselves the same question while sipping hot cuppa of tea looking out of the window.. “Where am I? - in life, in career, in love, in friendship". This book does not give you answers but it does make you wonder and think Where am I?' and if a book can make you think - its definitely worth it.. !!

Wish to Buy You are Here


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