15 January 2011

Book Buddies

What are Book Buddies? Well these are the sorts who share similar passion for the books. This does not mean that you like the same sort of books. One can make a book buddy in various situations like
-       in the middle of a conversation about a book mostly someone echoes your opinion about a particular book or an author, you suddenly start sharing a camaraderie and start trusting their choices and opinions, or
-       maybe you have read a common book – youropinions differ but the exchange of opinions and that too contradicting ones make such an exciting conversation that you just love discussing it no matter whether you agree, or
-       sometimes someone just comes around with a Book recommendation and that book works for you and you crave for their opinions and recommendations because they suit you, or
-       you meet someone in the library or a book shop and strike a conversation just like that of course about books, or
-       when someone sees you carrying a book and asks about it and it becomes beginnings of other such conversations about books, or
-       on ‘Good Reads’ just like you have Friends only on ‘Face book’, similarly you make book buddies on ‘Good reads’..

So what are Book Buddies.. simply put they are just about Books and Conversations...

Whatever reason a book buddy for book lovers is a must.. and I have two of them. Whenever we meet we talk about Books, we borrow books from each other, we discuss the latest book releases and our favourite authors and their writing styles.. which books are we currently reading and how are the story is flowing whether we are dragging or loving the journey.. all these conversations about books are amazing. They make a bad book tolerable and a good book even better.

I don’t want this blog to be a promo for  ‘Good reads’ but if you want a Book Buddy, ‘Good Reads’ is an awesome site to find one. I just love surfing their huge collection of books, authors, trivia, reviews, polls and synopsis. You can update your Reads list and write Reviews. You can also write your own stories. You can meet authors and get new release give aways or download the ebooks. Well its a Wikipedia for a Book lover and I seriously recommend it to all those who love books. It helped me track the books I read even long time back in all languages and fuelled me to keep reading, never stop.. keep adding to the tally.. see it growing and expanding.. This is THE forum where you will always get someone or probably many who love the kind of books you do, or similar opinions or just style of opinions, or fellow bloggers and even budding authors.


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